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Good Energy"We're powered by Good Energy, the UK's 100% renewable electricity supplier. All of their electricity is generated using natural power from the wind, water and sun or through sustainable biogeneration. Switching is simple and takes just five minutes; but it makes a big difference".
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Virtual Energy can save you money on your heating and electricity bills by auditing your energy usage with thermal modelling & targeting cost-effective applications of energy efficiency measures. This applies to both new-build sustainable building designs and all types of existing buildings applications – businesses, home owners, community buildings, historic buildings and agricultural buildings. We are business affiliates with Good Energy and members of the Passivhaus Trust and the Association of Environmentally Conscious Builders (AECB). We have secured European Regional Development Funding (ERDF) for software renewal and have links with the ERDF iNets Environmental and The Yeovil Innovation Centre.
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  • Savings of between 29% and 70% per year are common in untreated buildings.

  • Our advanced technical knowledge in IES thermal modelling means we can target the most cost-effective ways of reducing your bills or financial expenditures in all building types from low carbon & sustainable to historic.

  • Building age and construction materials are taken into consideration to ensure the building is protected and a healthy environment is created in which to live.

  • Make the most out of free passive solar heat energy from the sun.

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